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Little elephant is pretty in pink! Rare calf with condition that causes loss of pigmentation is spotted in South African safari park

They are known to appear in Disney movies, but this little ‘pink’ elephant is already the star of the show among her wild herd in South Africa.

The three-week-old calf was captured on camera playing in the grass surrounded by her family in MalaMala Game Reserve in Kruger National Park.

Her pink-shaded skin is in sharp contrast to the dark grey adults in the herd.

Safari ranger Tim Jansen van Vuuren, who pictured of the calf, said the rare colouring is caused by leucism, a condition which causes a partial loss of pigmentation and which is different to albinism.

‘It is a genetic disorder that will affect them for life,’ he said, adding: ‘This is by far one of the most interesting things I have seen in the wild.

‘Things like this are not very well documented so it’s very interesting to witness as you won’t find things like this in books.’

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